The CA-ANG has an unofficial wiki at (It redirects to a wiki on

It functions more or less as a peripheral brain for State Air Surgeons, a place to put items that fall into any of several classes:

  • Infrequently used material (example: forms for screening wildfire handcrews).

  • Reminders to wing personnel about informal policies, and clarifications that are hard to find in regulations.

  • Current and old regulations. (Sometimes old regulations are important in deciding the legality of past actions.)

In short, it’s a storehouse for useful things that don’t always rise to the level of memorization. If you have something you want stored, let me know. The site has storage limits, so a bit of editorial discretion is warranted.

The wiki is not updated frequently. In many places it is not current. So perhaps it is best viewed as a starting point for your queries.

If someone has a burning desire to transform it into a more useful site, let me know. Github is a platform for collaborative projects, so it should not be too tough to make a transition. I will, however, ask you to do the homework on how that would be done! :-)

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