Rejected by JAMA in 2006.

To the Editor:

The courageous effort by Emanuel to outline a new pre-medical and medical curriculum has one contradiction and two omissions.

First, after advocating a year of biochemistry in the pre-medical curriculum, he rightly states that knowledge of the Krebs cycle generally has no practical use at the bedside. This contradiction suggests that devoting a year to biochemistry is excessive.

Second, there is a fundamental, yet unspoken truth about medicine: as an intellectual endeavor, it is extremely easy. While the hard sciences require detailed understanding and nuanced application of difficult quantitative principles, medical textbooks simply demand memorization on a massive scale. One could argue that mnemonic training is the greatest omission in medical teaching and that, of all pre-medical requirements, organic chemistry is the greatest developer of memorization skills.

Finally, I wish there were some way to teach humility more effectively and more permanently. Any physician not cowed by their own ignorance should be drummed out of the profession.

(1) Emanuel EJ. Changing premed requirements and the medical curriculum. JAMA. 2006 Sep 6;296(9):1128-1131.   PubMed 16954492

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